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High Performance Sustainable Body Armor Present Key Industry Target

The body armor industry or body armor/ballistic manufacturer is researching on more sustainable body armor solutions can still deliver high level of performance . Since the question of survivability comes which seems to be the most crucial target every body armor manufacturer should kept in mind while delivering innovative solutions to their customers. At Hard Shell( www.hardshell.ae) , we believe…

Complete Body Protection

The full body  armor will provide at least as much protection to both upper and lower torso as today’s system, but with more comfort, and greater flexibility to adjust based on the mission, Using latest techniques we really focused upon to be the next generation of body armor at a lighter weight.  Read More

Choose Body Armor Which Suits You

If you fall under a situation in which getting shot is apparently possible, it’s very doable that body armor could protect you and save your life. Body armor is an important aspect for your protection. Once you choose buy that, there are a number of choices you have, rely on your circumstances. These include the quality, threat level, certification, the…

Live Test of Steb Proof Vest

Hard shell is the leading body armour manufacturers in world wide. All product of Hard Shell fully tested and certified by international standard NIJ. In the above video you will see the live test of the stab proof vest.