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Live Test of Steb Proof Vest

Hard shell is the leading body armour manufacturers in world wide. All product of Hard Shell fully tested and certified by international standard NIJ. In the above video you will see the live test of the stab proof vest.

Proven High Performance and Versatility in Many Forms

A real competitive edge can fundamentally change the way we approach the design , marketing and manufacture of our ballistic body armor. Weight saving and mobility are important features of our tactical line of products. Our ballistic body armor are made with Kevlar® can be tailored for a wide range of threats, without compromising the highest comfort level. Read More

Bullet Proof Vehicle and Bullet Proof Tactical Vest
Bullet Proof Vehicle and Bullet Proof Tactical Vest

  Tactical body armour are specifically designed to protect and perform during high risk operations. We offer a wide range of tactical vests that are perfectly designed for tactical operation. Our tactical vest provides a wide range of options suited to the requirements.