Concealable Body Armor Manufacturer

Concealable Body Armor Manufacturer

body_armour_productHard Shell concealable body armor system is manufactured utilizing top-of-the-line ballistic materials and over the shoulder adjustments to ensure long lasting comfort. It can be worn under and over the shirt and achieves NIJ Level IIIA protection.

Keeping in mind the comfort attribute of personnel, we designed our concealable vest using Kevlar. Our focus is on creating mission-specific ballistic armor engineered with new, lighter-weight and improved materials, increased functionality and solid good looks.

Hard Shell always trying to add more features to the concealable vest and continued to develop innovative body armor solutions over the past several years.

We added extraordinary features while manufacturing the concealable body armor vest improved hygiene which means introduction of air into the space between body armor and torso which keeps the skin drier and reduces the presence of microbes which is the reason of body armor degradation. This is called sweat management as well in common terms.

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