Mich Helmets- The Advanced Head Protection

Mich Helmets- The Advanced Head Protection

When we discuss about the ballistic protection we folks focus on torso first and neglect the head, which is the most important organ of body.  Head is most sensitive to blunt trauma – and it is the part which is most likely to be exposed when you are behind cover!

A helmet is much needed protection in a bad to worst-case situation. Helmets are also exceptional for reducing blunt trauma, though you should know that any impact on the head can causes some level of injury – no armor makes you insusceptible. The blunt trauma protection of a helmet is often not given sufficient weight.

Helmets provide ballistic protection from pistol-caliber threats. The latest mil spec, the Advanced Combat Helmet MICH offers protection against Level III-A threats (9mm submachine -gun / .44 Magnum). The latest mil spec for the MICH helmet is a pad system inside the helmet (3/4th inch or 1″ thick / http://www.hardshell.ae/wpcproduct/helmet-mich/19 – 25mm) that absorbs a lot of shock and stops it to be transmitted to the skull. The Modular Integrated Communications Helmets (MICH Helmet) are used by the next generation of combat soldiers.


Before purchasing a MICH helmet, consider these points:-

PROTECTION – whether it offers Level II or Level III-it should has an ACH blunt trauma pad system.

COVERAGE AREA– the MICH shape has no brim, and it is cut short on the back area and sides (on ears) for better hearing, and better ergonomics in the prone position.

COLOR – It is not much determining factor as you can choose of your choice. Tan is good and all around color.

FIT AND STABILITY -is mandatory. The chin strap must be connected at the back as well as the sides. The helmet must have snugged fit and comfortable even with no chin strap. It is advised to get a good head measurement to ensure a good fit.

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