How to Maintain Your Bullet Proof Vest

How to Maintain Your Bullet Proof Vest

A bullet proof vest should be cleaned straight after wearing with the mild liquid detergent and warm water. Sponge the outer cover only; do not sink the vest in water as this could damage the soft panels. Do not dry in direct sunlight as this can also damage the panels.


When bullet proof vest is not in use, it should be stored flat as this will stop from making creases and wrinkles in the ballistic materials.


Do not wash the ballistic inserts, because it will cause damage them.  Wash only outer covers, and before washing them take out the ballistic inserts. The soft panels can be lightly sponged with warm or mild soapy water. The washing instructions should be followed in proper way.


Minimize the Damage

Never use damaged ballistic vest and before using it a thorough inspection is must. This is the matter of life so one should be very strict to the inspection.

Inserting Protective Panels

Bullet proof vests are designed to be worn in a specific manner. It is important to check that the ballistic panels within the vest carrier are inserted in the correct direction at all times. Because when a bullet strikes, its impact is absorbed by the many layers of fabric and prevented from passing through the vest itself. If the panel is flipped or facing the wrong way then it become useless and can cause serious harm

The same applies to stab and spike proof vests. If the protective panel is facing the wrong way it becomes easier for pointed objects to pass through, as they are not designed to protect against threats from that direction.


Most bulletproof vests have adjustable straps at the waist to provide the snug fit to the wearer.  But wearer should keep in mind that vest should not be worn too tightly as this may restrict movement and also increase body heat.

Result of water on bullet proof vest

The ballistic vest is made from amid fibers and if it is not waterproof then it will lose some of the protective properties in water. However this will only be temporary until the armor has dried properly.

Ballistic panels are clearly marked with the direction and instructions to use it, and it is important to follow the instructions at all times. Wearer should always pay attention to minimize the threat and injuries.

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