The Role of PPE and Where PPE is headed?

The Role of PPE and Where PPE is headed?

PPE (Personal Protective equipment) is a standard and essential tool in today’s day to day operations including demining as well. Using PPE is pretty much a matter of common sense, as “you don’t go into a wood workshop without wearing your safety glasses just as you don’t go into war prone zone without protective equipment.

So what lies in the future for PPE? In order to improve on the current equipment, there would have to be some very interesting new materials coming out with regards to the weight and the thickness. With the advancement in technologies that we have today the materials that are used today, I think the level of protection of Personal Protective Equipment is increasing or has increased already. A base of soft ballistic material such as Kevlar provides excellent fragmentation protection throughout, while hard armour ballistic plates in combination with soft armour panels are covering and protecting the vital regions of the chest, abdomen and groin to provide added protection.


Every PPE manufacturer needs to account for all the threats from a blast and then design PPE in order to reduce overall injury level. Before indulging into the specific components of PPE, it is useful to briefly review the threats posed by the wearer or the end user. This helps to explain many of the features that are built into the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Hard Shell is the world leader in the research, design and manufacture of PPE for persons facing the threat and which are in wide use around the world by police and military units.  We as a manufacturer always choose to design and produce various body armour products.

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