Choose Body Armor Which Suits You

Choose Body Armor Which Suits You

If you fall under a situation in which getting shot is apparently possible, it’s very doable that body armor could protect you and save your life. Body armor is an important aspect for your protection.

Once you choose buy that, there are a number of choices you have, rely on your circumstances. These include the quality, threat level, certification, the materials used to make it, flexibility that how much movement it allows, etc.

You need to know some factors about the body armor. Although this will not guarantee to protect you from all threats but has the capability to stop the penetration to the body from projectiles and shrapnel from explosions. Also it reduces the impact of small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, and small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades.

It is a made of extraordinary fabric garment with many layers of woven or laminated fibers. These vests can be augmented with metal, ceramic or polyethylene plates that provide extra protection to vital areas.  Because of various types of projectile, it is often inaccurate to refer the body armor as “bulletproof” because this entail that it will protect against any and all threats. Instead, the term bullet resistant is more preferred.


Moreover the body armor should be designed to offer maximum comfort, flexibility & mobility. This becomes more of a factor which makes you feel you need to wear your body armor.

Body armor could become as much of a liability as a help if it limits your ability to move. The thicker and bulkier it is, the more it will hinder your movements.

Weight is also most important as depending on how long you’ll need to wear the body armor at a time.  This will affect your fatigue level as well, so the lightest solution is always good.

Typically, body armor is of two types- hard body armor and soft body armor, it depends on the user.  Police officers and military personnel may opt for hard body armor because they have high risk of attack, but for everyday use generally soft body armor works, flexible protection that you wear like an ordinary shirt or jacket.

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