How to Maintain Your Bullet Proof Vest

A bullet proof vest should be cleaned straight after wearing with the mild liquid detergent and warm water. Sponge the outer cover only; do not sink the vest in water as this could damage the soft panels. Do not dry in direct sunlight as this can also damage the panels. Storage When bullet proof vest is not in use, it…

We are Committed to Your Safety

In today’s ever-changing security climate, effectively protecting yourself is a big challenge. Threats are constantly changing and solutions to alleviate new threats are evolving more quickly than ever. Hard Shell is serving the security & defense industry over a decade period. We are established ballistic product manufacturing company, located in UAE and we supply the quality products world-wide. By continually…

Bullet Proof Vehicle and Bullet Proof Tactical Vest
Bullet Proof Vehicle and Bullet Proof Tactical Vest

  Tactical body armour are specifically designed to protect and perform during high risk operations. We offer a wide range of tactical vests that are perfectly designed for tactical operation. Our tactical vest provides a wide range of options suited to the requirements.