Premium Range of Ballistic Products-Hard Shell

Premium Range of Ballistic Products-Hard Shell

Hardshell logoWith protective equipment, quality must never be compromised. Only the most reliable body armour products are worth investing in, as they will be expected to provide critical support during dangerous moments. At Hard Shell, we approach this problem from a scientific angle and do our best to design and manufacture items capable of withstanding even the greatest challenges without yielding.

You can find a large collection of ballistic body armour in our offering, featuring more than a dozen different models. Each model is unique and brings a different set of advantages to the table so that every customer can get exactly the type of protection he needs. From robust military vests with camouflage print to discreet undergarments that can be worn underneath a suit, we have a fantastic solution for every type of duty our customers may need.

Made from high-quality materials and designed to fit comfortably, personal body armour made by Hard Shell can provide adequate protection from missile impact even at close range, greatly increasing the chances of survival in combat situations or armed confrontations. In other words, our products are the best defence against hostile fire that money can buy!

Personal Body Armour Customised for Any Situation

Advanced technology can save many problems, and personal security is certainly not an exception. Modern body armour is amazingly effective and companies like Hard Shell are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field. The latest generation of bulletproof vests is able to deliver impressive stopping power without adding any excess weight and thickness, which is extremely valuable in many professions.

The thinnest of those vests can be placed under regular clothes and concealed from public view while still staying resistant to bullet hits.They are often used by public officials or business leaders who want to look normal while doing their work and enjoy extra protection at the same time.Undercover police officers or security officials can also take advantage of this stealth option while in the field.

Of course, soldiers and others who operate in high-risk zones don’t mind a bit of bulk if it will shield them from harm. Military-grade ballistic vests made by Hard Shell are among the best in the market and come with various utility pockets to help carry weapons and equipment. Specialised tactical vests are available for waterborne operations, desert environment, and cold climate.

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